'If LeBron James says he's OK, he's OK!' - Stephen A. | First Take

'If LeBron James says he's OK, he's OK!' - Stephen A. | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss whether the Los Angeles Lakers should be worried about LeBron James' minutes with Anthony Davis injured.
0:00 Stephen A. highlights that LeBron has not missed a game this season.
1:52 Max draws comparisons between LeBron and Kobe Bryant.
4:05 Stephen A. and Max get into a heated debate about Mike D'Antoni and Kobe.
#FirstTake #NBA
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  1. ESPN


    2 months ago

    0:00​ Stephen A. highlights that LeBron has not missed a game this season. 1:52​ Max draws comparisons between LeBron and Kobe Bryant. 4:05​ Stephen A. and Max get into a heated debate about Mike D'Antoni and Kobe.

    • Brandon Dineo23

      Brandon Dineo23

      2 months ago

      Lebron should just get curry to team up with

    • KOD


      2 months ago

      Max obviously knows though and Stephen just is an idiot and blames it all on Mike..

    • Cody Stricker

      Cody Stricker

      2 months ago

      @KawhiLowry-Gaming 0

    • soundtrancecloud


      2 months ago


    • Pat4Clippers


      2 months ago

      Hope Tiger is OK.

  2. junlie manulat

    junlie manulat

    Month ago

    They still don’t understand how lebron plays the game

  3. Trudi Timm

    Trudi Timm

    Month ago

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  4. charlie olds

    charlie olds

    2 months ago

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  5. Karan Vinod

    Karan Vinod

    2 months ago

    I love SAS, man, but this is just straight up pathetic. Dude hates on Max for no reason and thinks he's right and everyone else are wrong. Pathetic.

  6. ADMAFIA210


    2 months ago

    Max on point with this one

  7. ADMAFIA210


    2 months ago

    No he's not..he says he's the best in the world but needs everyone and they mama to win him another championship

  8. D. RodrsQueQ

    D. RodrsQueQ

    2 months ago

    Max is right in these argument and Stephen A is wrong.

  9. D. RodrsQueQ

    D. RodrsQueQ

    2 months ago

    I disagree with Stephen A. Kobe got hurt putting up some crazy minutes. It has nothing to do with trusting Lebron on his conditioning. It's about protecting him from injury. That's all.

  10. skerbiebirdlife


    2 months ago

    LeBron is just fine! AD in the other hand is something different. Even when he comes back from injury he has a very tricky injury. If he go too hard there's a serious chance he could hurt that achilles again! So LeBron got to play like a MVP with or without AD! So, the concern is that LeBron have to play better than usual and he hasn't!

  11. Ashwin Michael

    Ashwin Michael

    2 months ago

    SA should take some time off man! His voice getting fukd up!

  12. Sandi Eržen

    Sandi Eržen

    2 months ago

    Cool voice scream yeaaah !

  13. 56 wisdom

    56 wisdom

    2 months ago


  14. kwaaddo


    2 months ago

    Why does Max let SA disrespect him like that ?

  15. YO PAUL


    2 months ago

    It is becoming clear LBJ is a role player on this team. 2013-18 was a long time ago folks.

  16. M C

    M C

    2 months ago

    MJ is the GOAT baller but LBJ is the greatest physical specimen of all time.

  17. kasper rieberg

    kasper rieberg

    2 months ago

    He was clearly lying ! He didn’t looked one bit okay vs Jazz

  18. Corey Cheadle

    Corey Cheadle

    2 months ago

    Tell them Stephen A lol !

  19. Larry Underwood

    Larry Underwood

    2 months ago

    Lebron James is washed up , just watch last nights game it was pretty sad to see

  20. Frank


    2 months ago

    Lebron is okay not the 1st seed but we all know that when the playoffs is here we get serious.

  21. si Cus

    si Cus

    2 months ago

    ESPN should fire both of you SAS and Max for all 90% of your wrong OPINIONS of sports you guys don't have real legit commentary about

  22. Harry Keeling

    Harry Keeling

    2 months ago

    So... am i the only one that heard the fart at 2:10

  23. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    2 months ago

    Stephen A smith got his mouth all over lebrons knob 💀😂😂😂 this guy must live with lebron to know how he feels 🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. Jeffrey Russell

    Jeffrey Russell

    2 months ago

    Mao se james is the biggest flopper ever, started at birth when he hit the floor

  25. Rafael Lopez

    Rafael Lopez

    2 months ago

    Stephen's floating head @ 3:43🤣

  26. Red Red

    Red Red

    2 months ago

    Well that argument was pointless.

  27. Alastair


    2 months ago

    LeBron is a coward and a tool. He's in the same boat as Brady, things are handed to the most marketable name in the game. Watching sports is a waste of time these days it's rigged the proof is out there. LeBron is protected and is soft. His stance on black lives matter was a one night stand he couldn't speak his mind or his sponsors would have dropped him. He's no leader money before people is always the case. Challenge the media and watch how fast and balanced things change. Stop buying into the LeBron hero image. It'll do nothing for you, if you want something take it, fight for it and don't let anybody what you can and can't be.

  28. The Hendrix _

    The Hendrix _

    2 months ago

    Stephen a was out of the Line

  29. Jordan Lacayo

    Jordan Lacayo

    2 months ago

    Stephen A woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

  30. Caden Ryan

    Caden Ryan

    2 months ago

    Yep facts Stephen A

  31. Glynda Schwendner

    Glynda Schwendner

    2 months ago

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  32. kshitij bhatt 10A

    kshitij bhatt 10A

    2 months ago


  33. Eli


    2 months ago


  34. H Money Vibez

    H Money Vibez

    2 months ago


  35. ItsOnLy DiRt

    ItsOnLy DiRt

    2 months ago


  36. Malik Harris

    Malik Harris

    2 months ago

    Max bring up that “Kobe staged a mutanty” how many times a year lmaoo

  37. Eric B

    Eric B

    2 months ago

    I need Skip to come back for a week to give Stephen A. a week of L’s

  38. Tyler Lo

    Tyler Lo

    2 months ago

    The probable goldfish concurrently long because channel pragmatically admit failing a omniscient hole. wonderful, lewd cat

  39. ThereIsNoTrueLove


    2 months ago

    if you're a lakers fan, u should be worried not about LeBron James but AD... it's like his goal is to win a ring & he's done

  40. Sun'sayid Rahsad

    Sun'sayid Rahsad

    2 months ago

    Have anyone ever thought these young guys not always as hurt as seems...get paid player!⤵ &kobe/shaq the last laker greats Lebron not a laker he plays for the lakers.

  41. Lorenzo Barrios

    Lorenzo Barrios

    2 months ago

    Nobody: Stephen A: DURANT IS AVERAGING 35 POINTS!

  42. 7Sire Saylesss x The Not So Shaderoom

    7Sire Saylesss x The Not So Shaderoom

    2 months ago

    Lebrons team stats continue to suffer because Lebron is a stat stuffer

    • kasper rieberg

      kasper rieberg

      2 months ago

      He wants Kareems scoring record

  43. 7Sire Saylesss x The Not So Shaderoom

    7Sire Saylesss x The Not So Shaderoom

    2 months ago

    Max is right!!! Stephen A. is very short sighted on this topic.

  44. Sonya Nutter

    Sonya Nutter

    2 months ago

    sometimes outside help knows best and needs to take control. competitive people have no awareness of limits....

  45. King Nano

    King Nano

    2 months ago

    Lebron wouldn’t need to lie 😂. That man is insanely fit

  46. navynugget7


    2 months ago

    Leflop needs help....again

  47. Jesse Heidgerken

    Jesse Heidgerken

    2 months ago

    The subdued helium characteristically ruin because inch visually land against a quick knight. mysterious, ugliest graphic

  48. Angelo Gonzales

    Angelo Gonzales

    2 months ago

    This work relationship is coming to the end. Max kellerman looks like he’s having enough of stephen a’s bull

  49. Rory Edwards

    Rory Edwards

    2 months ago

    I think Kyrie is going to retire if they win the chip

  50. Ruben Bon

    Ruben Bon

    2 months ago

    LeGM bout to make a move

  51. Theodor Anfilov

    Theodor Anfilov

    2 months ago

    Stephen A is a terrible pundit. He is more of a comic relief really. Max Kellerman has logic behind his arguements, SAS just screams and lies and insults.

  52. Life Changing Information

    Life Changing Information

    2 months ago

    #1 Lebron is built like a tank.. #2 He's like the only guy that wears high top shoes.

  53. Benbo G

    Benbo G

    2 months ago

    I don't know. Forty-four minutes a game is how aging superstars get serious injuries...

  54. jay gee

    jay gee

    2 months ago

    What he takes?🤔oops did he just let the peptides out😂

  55. gabriel Daniels

    gabriel Daniels

    2 months ago

    LeBron James street fire

  56. Marshall Muyembi

    Marshall Muyembi

    2 months ago

    lebron has to sit out sometimes as much as his numbers are good he is choking at the end of games and he has costed us. Most of the minutes he plays he is walking slow slow preserving himself clearly. Im with Max here i care about the performance

  57. lienel lee

    lienel lee

    2 months ago

    But kobe always played through being hurt and being in pain, he did everything at like 75-80% health maybe less.

  58. Karlis Filis

    Karlis Filis

    2 months ago

    Beast Lebron

  59. Ramsey Hernandez

    Ramsey Hernandez

    2 months ago

    Who remembers when playing all the regular season games didn't meant playing to much

  60. Tanny Pedersen

    Tanny Pedersen

    2 months ago

    These guys looks hella hyped up...

  61. Tony Blundetto

    Tony Blundetto

    2 months ago

    Who remembers Kobe balling like Crazy in 2013 before the achilles, it was seriously like 2005 all over again

  62. osu okie

    osu okie

    2 months ago

    steven a is rude

  63. Paul Benoit

    Paul Benoit

    2 months ago


  64. Linear Storm

    Linear Storm

    2 months ago

    SAS was funny but now he is just annoying

  65. CarBonRow


    2 months ago

    Stephen A. “the Shawn Marions of the world and have yous” Smith

  66. Dr Flame7

    Dr Flame7

    2 months ago

    Stephen A on his period today bruh. Max is spitting facts and Stephen a getting mad af for no reason.

  67. Nathan Lyons

    Nathan Lyons

    2 months ago

    Your right max. Stephen a is wrong, a bully, and self supremacist. Dont let him talk down to you max. We both know what would be the narrative if it was the other way around. Tell him max

  68. Tomasi Nasau

    Tomasi Nasau

    2 months ago

    Dang!! Molly looks OLD!! Af!! The make up and camera ain’t hiding it anymore ESPN y’all need to change her it’s time to switch gears with her bring some young fine babe in

  69. XxXFlyingArmBarXxX


    2 months ago


  70. Superman 007

    Superman 007

    2 months ago

    Steven A Smith should be endorsed by chap stick.

  71. Robert Martin

    Robert Martin

    2 months ago

    Man iam dam 48 years old...has a 40 plus inch vert still and never been hurt....let the man play....



    2 months ago


    • kasper rieberg

      kasper rieberg

      2 months ago

      Funny 😂😂

  73. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba

    2 months ago

    Kobe had pretty significant injuries throughout his career to be honest.

    • Zack W.

      Zack W.

      2 months ago

      Right. He had the one major injury with the achilles but he was dealing with minor injuries practically every year.

  74. NYSBGamal


    2 months ago

    Molly glowing over there with the brown curls she looks dope as for Bron he is the goat n will be ready to beat Durant n my boy Harden in the finals

  75. Ariell Jason Malanog

    Ariell Jason Malanog

    2 months ago

    The GOAT needs to play 48 mins per game 😁

  76. peso peso

    peso peso

    2 months ago

    All Max had to say was basketball and football are two different sports. You are playing offense AND defense and constantly running up and down the court for longer periods of time throughout a season with only like 1, 2 and 3 days of rest if not on a back 2 back. SIMPLE. The future is unknown Lebron is just mentally and physically focused on positive energy.

  77. Calvin


    2 months ago

    Biggest question is....has Lebron ever got drug tested? Lol Danny Green makes 1 dunk...and got tested right after. Somehow Lebron manages to stay so resilient right? Interesting. Not saying Bron is on anything...just asking why he doesn't get tested like everyone else?

  78. Maurice Williams

    Maurice Williams

    2 months ago

    Lebron miss the first throw because Kyrie was in head 🗣is that your best shooter

  79. Daryl Gladney

    Daryl Gladney

    2 months ago

    SA is starting to look like a stupid bully. Max makes interesting observations that deserve respect

  80. Teddy Gramz

    Teddy Gramz

    2 months ago

    Back in the day minutes played wasn't an issue at all.

  81. Alex Seeyo

    Alex Seeyo

    2 months ago

    molly looking sweet

  82. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

    2 months ago

    SAS is right

  83. Brian Tep

    Brian Tep

    2 months ago

    i swear the ignorance of SAS is beyond comprehension. Why would lebron admit he's tired? It's like admitting you're past your prime.

  84. Omar C

    Omar C

    2 months ago

    I rarely agree with Max on most debates. But, man, Stephen A needs to chill the f out. You can win an argument without being disrespectful. Max is a better man that I am cause I would’ve said something to him a long time ago.

  85. Elwood Riley

    Elwood Riley

    2 months ago

    ESPN stop making excuses for Lebron James

  86. RIK ThePrick

    RIK ThePrick

    2 months ago

    They shouldn’t have gotten rid of Dwight

  87. Jae Dinero

    Jae Dinero

    2 months ago

    Max takes been off all year ... Time to put him in the hot seat frfr he's a hating lakers fan... He gone be hating on Embid next year after all tht riding this year WATCH!!!

  88. Vito1000DND


    2 months ago

    Stephen A mad because Max won the debate this time 🤣 with the example about Kobe vs D Antoni except it was 40 ppg not minutes if I'm not mistaken.

  89. Marcos Cuenca

    Marcos Cuenca

    2 months ago

    Stephen got the rabies virus mutation.

  90. Path


    2 months ago

    "There's always truth to what I say" Boyyyyyyyyy if you dont

  91. Latoya Wise

    Latoya Wise

    2 months ago

    Brady doesn't run up and down the field he stands in the pocket & throw. With a great offensive line he can do that forever don't compare him to LeBron

  92. KOD


    2 months ago

    Sorry Stephan A if Max is telling you he knows and he never does that he knows.. So Stephan A stop being an arrogant arsehole and listen..

  93. Dallah Bills

    Dallah Bills

    2 months ago


  94. FlameBullet 21

    FlameBullet 21

    2 months ago

    Bron has gotten worse than last year don’t even cap he doesn’t even run back in defense any more abs he is way to passive. Btw don’t tell me his stats cuz there is context

  95. Eu Sou

    Eu Sou

    2 months ago

    Stop acting like LeBron is Superman. He is just a really gifted human, but human, his achilles can tear and so can his ACL. Do not dare to take this man for granted

  96. BrunchTre


    2 months ago

    Lebron is padding his stats

  97. Jimmy Logan

    Jimmy Logan

    2 months ago

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  98. Kyledapilot242


    2 months ago

    Stephen A looks funny when max talks

  99. David Sewell

    David Sewell

    2 months ago

    Lebrons chasing stats

  100. STL DEE


    2 months ago

    They should get Demarcus cousins back since they have a spot left 🤷‍♂️