Is Steph Curry the NBA's greatest offensive player? Stephen A. and Max debate | First Take

Is Steph Curry the NBA's greatest offensive player? Stephen A. and Max debate | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate which player is the NBA's greatest offensive player between Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Nikola Jokic, James Harden and Damian Lillard.
0:00 Stephen A. kicks off the segment by congratulating Russell Westbrook, the Washington Wizards and the New York Knicks.
1:00 Stephen A. weighs in on Steph Curry's impact on offense.
2:25 Max would take KD, James Harden and Nikola Jokic over Steph.
4:20 Stephen A. responds to Max, saying numbers shouldn't dictate the rankings.
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  1. ESPN


    16 days ago

    0:00​ Stephen A. kicks off the segment by congratulating Russell Westbrook, the Washington Wizards and the New York Knicks. 1:00​ Stephen A. weighs in on Steph Curry's impact on offense. 2:25​ Max would take KD, James Harden and Nikola Jokic over Steph. 4:20​ Stephen A. responds to Max, saying numbers shouldn't dictate the rankings.

    • Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children

      Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children

      15 days ago

      @Jerry Schneider why

    • Jerry Schneider

      Jerry Schneider

      15 days ago

      NBA Sucks!

    • Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children

      Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children

      16 days ago

      @Steph Curry no you ain't, you're averaging 31 on a trash team, I could do that as well just like in 2017. Can you average a triple double? I can. KD left because he is a puss not because of me

    • Steph Curry

      Steph Curry

      16 days ago

      @Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children Wiggins sold me. And I’m averaging 40 get on my level. That’s why KD left you

    • Bryan Foster

      Bryan Foster

      16 days ago

      @Kevin Sellers hold up, Jokic is top ten in steals? That’s wild

  2. James Landi

    James Landi

    4 days ago

    You also have to take into account look at the roster that these other players are working with. You got Denver Portland Brooklyn l LA.... All of those players Max kellerman named have a strong roster playing with them and don't nearly draw the defensive attention of Steph Curry. Steph is always double and triple teamed. There's a reason for that.

  3. James Landi

    James Landi

    4 days ago

    Always bringing up Kevin Durant when he played on the warriors. Steph willingly took a backseat. However the warriors had a better record when KD sat and Steph played. Everybody seems to forget Steph took KD out of the finals and took Dame out of the playoffs. Max kellerman is always talking nonsense though. Lol

  4. Fred Sallis

    Fred Sallis

    5 days ago

    NBA don't play agressive defense everybody running to 3 point line

  5. Ardit Shaqiri

    Ardit Shaqiri

    9 days ago

    This max guy really hates steph to death

  6. Dustin Cobb

    Dustin Cobb

    10 days ago

    Today its James harden ever its meadowlark lemon.

  7. Dustin Cobb

    Dustin Cobb

    10 days ago

    Now possibly ever no Wilt Chamberlain without a doubt is the best offensive player ever nba and meadowlark lemon is the best offensive player ever nba or otherwise.

  8. Luke Stuart

    Luke Stuart

    10 days ago

    Harden is gone a few weeks and y’all forget about him

  9. Nick McMurray

    Nick McMurray

    11 days ago


  10. Mike Russo

    Mike Russo

    12 days ago

    Simmons beats them all

  11. Marion Tha God

    Marion Tha God

    12 days ago

    Stephen a happy asl about them knicks

  12. tintman831


    13 days ago

    The Wizards won this game because the refs gifted the game to them

  13. Sjoberghd


    13 days ago

    The MVP is such a convoluted award. At face value you'd think it'd be the most valuable player in the NBA that season, who is the most valuable player in the NBA that season and has the biggest impact on the floor. Doesn't matter if they're 10th, so long as the you consider why they are in that position and that's generally a matter of opinion, but that's much more simple than the arguments people try to make. Yes Jokic and Embiid are in the race, they deserve that, but so does Steph, the warriors without Steph are literally one of the worst basketball teams I have ever seen. They are a joke. They should be last in the league even with Steph on the floor in all honesty and somehow he's kept them able to even win games, simply because 30 points is child's play for him, and he's a black hole for defenses, plus the way he moves the ball and moves without the ball is one of the most fluid things you will ever watch. Steph is genuinely the most valuable player in the NBA simply because without the ball in his hands teams are trying to double him, sometimes triple him, and deny him his space. The nuggets and 76ers are far better TEAMS than the Warriors, FAR better. Yes Jokic and Embiid are great great players, but ultimately basketball is a team sport and a record reflects your team as much as it reflects how great your stars are. Steph deserves better than to be ignored for the MVP simply because his team is 10th in the west. I mean seriously, the dude has to carry Kelly Oubre, Andrew Wiggins, Dreymond Green, etc. trying to run the Warriors system, which depends on having Klay in the offense. They don't even have Wiseman. Lebron in 2018 had a pretty underwhelming team, but at least the players he had worked with the system he was trying to run which was primarily spacing the floor with spot up shooters and having gritty bigs to grab the boards so Lebron could do his thing on the floor. Steph has to try and run the Warriors offensive system with no player to fill Klay Thompson's role in that system.

  14. renz iverson

    renz iverson

    13 days ago

    Finally Jokic receiving the respect he deserves. I don't usually agree with Max but Jokic is the greatest offensive player right now overall (scoring and assist)...

  15. OmzzTee


    13 days ago

    They hating on steph!

  16. Womp T.V.

    Womp T.V.

    13 days ago

    KD can’t stay healthy any more

  17. Sheila Hollingsworth

    Sheila Hollingsworth

    13 days ago

    Ysl know Steph is! Ysl just don't want to pay him his true worth!

  18. william thomas

    william thomas

    13 days ago

    Anyone gonna talk about how all the clips of curry were misses, they did my man curry wrong

  19. Anderson Lee

    Anderson Lee

    13 days ago

    Max has a Mancrush on Curry and his opinion is irrelevant

  20. joe tigo

    joe tigo

    13 days ago

    Speaking of numbers, the pundits calculate it wrong. You can't compare 3P efficiency with 2P efficiency directly. Basically Steph's 50% efficiency from 3point range is greater than 74% efficiency from 2 points range. Simple math (3x50) > (2x74). Mathematically Stephen curry is the most efficient player by far.

  21. alexander tsassong

    alexander tsassong

    13 days ago

    Max dont want to hear Stephen A point. The spacing steph give to his team + his overall offense gave GSW 73 fcking Wins

  22. Sn Peru

    Sn Peru

    13 days ago

    Max is dumb

  23. Nate


    13 days ago

    Ty Lue himself mentioned Steph was the priority in the finals and they focused more on shutting down Steph🤷🏽‍♂️. KD’s always surrounded by other superstars which allows him to work



    13 days ago

    Steph Curry is the best click bait and best topic for espn 😂 u guys benifit alot huh😂

  25. NBGDON


    13 days ago

    Marksman mentally or reaper mentally

  26. Bruce Smith

    Bruce Smith

    13 days ago

    I'm so sick of people like Max sleeping on Steph Curry. Steph Curry is the best offensive player in the NBA and he has very little help with Klay out and Draymond can't shoot if his life depended on it. Max is dead wrong that KD is a better offensive player than Curry because no player commands more double teams than Steph because the minute this man cross half court teams are terrified. They giving props to Westbrook about his defense but he didn't guard Steph by himself because he would have got killed. Max and Stephen A sound dumb on this take.

  27. flah bool

    flah bool

    13 days ago

    no, Harden is

  28. Michael Ashton

    Michael Ashton

    13 days ago

    Fire everyone. Too stupid. Lebron. James? These 3 haven’t even dropped 40 in the finals let alone average it. GTFOH

  29. Tech Review

    Tech Review

    13 days ago

    These guys are always wrong and always pick the weakest players. Curry beat Kevin durant and a matter of fact curry play kd in the past at kd prime . Curry score like 60 points and made so many 3 point shoots and even won the game at the buzzer . Than kd got traded to Steph team the very next year . Kd knew curry was spectacular but kd left golden State because curry is always the most popular. Kd Great but doesn't shoot 3 point shots from half court and cant not shoot 100 threes in a row or even dribble like curry. These guys are smoking to much and dont know basketball. I mean come on Curry even won the 3 point contest. Even lebron love curry at the all star game curry made a no look 3 pointer. I mean what are you smoking

  30. Master Of Disguise

    Master Of Disguise

    13 days ago

    Steph Curry is 6ft3 an gets double-teamed sometimes triple teamed at half court

  31. Master Of Disguise

    Master Of Disguise

    13 days ago

    This is literally the first time I've ever heard Molly apologize for interrupting

  32. Nayr H

    Nayr H

    13 days ago

    I thinks max forgot to include Iguodala over steph

  33. JJSJr S

    JJSJr S

    13 days ago

    Max is stuck in the past bro this man is overlooking Curry’s greatness, Impact and achievements

  34. Kirk Jackson

    Kirk Jackson

    13 days ago

    Yall are people acting like this is new for curry. He was playing better in 2015 and when klay gets back maybe go on another championship run!

  35. MushiePuppet17


    13 days ago

    Stephen A missed the mark in responding to Max about KD vs Steph. I think the argument he should've gone with is that KD is the greatest _pure scorer_ bar none, but Steph is still the greatest offensive player because of his gravity (the same gravity that KD benefited from when they played together). The "KD is too deferential" argument he went with doesn't make sense given the fact that Steph willingly and unselfishly deferred to KD when they joined up, and the "KD is passive" narrative SAS keeps pushing does not fit at all in regards to his stint as a Warrior given that he was allowed all the green light he could ask for in big moments.

  36. JamRoc News and Culture

    JamRoc News and Culture

    13 days ago

    KD the best offensive player period!!! Curry best shooter! Harden better offensively than curry!

  37. Vincent Udosen

    Vincent Udosen

    13 days ago

    max you are high. kd will not have championship without curry.

  38. Dakota


    13 days ago

    He CHANGED the way the game was looked at and played. Other than MJ, and Wilt, etc. on top of that it's from the 3!

  39. Win H

    Win H

    13 days ago

    No, he's not.

  40. Joeywestside


    13 days ago

    Steph is better than Harden and has always been, Max will take anyone over Steph, remember the Iggy take???

  41. Justin Wagner

    Justin Wagner

    13 days ago

    KD can score anywhere and anytime Steph kills you in the Outside I choose KD because he is not only limited outside the arc no hate to curry but most of the time steph get his score 70% But kd can shoot 3,dunk finish a layup,pull up with efficiency he is a cheat code

  42. Andres Diaz

    Andres Diaz

    13 days ago

    "Is curry the nba's greatest offensive player?" proceeds to show highlights of him missing every shot

  43. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas

    13 days ago

    OK . . . Curry is BY FAR the best offensive player in the league. It is not close. Off the ball movement - Curry is the only contender Passing ability - Jokic and Curry Shooting - Curry PPG - Curry Pure Shooting - Curry and Jokic Team involvement - Curry and Jokic ball handling of the above mentioned - Curry Court IQ - Curry and Jokic So . . . he can't play the post? KD - great at 1v1 Harden - great at 1v1 These players hold the ball till time expires and throw it if they can't get a shot, that gives them a lot more assists thanks to the shot clock. Curry is the one giving others assists . . . Because he is the only one on the team that can score!

  44. Joey Salupen

    Joey Salupen

    13 days ago

    Max K durant looks good only when he is paired with anothe great player.

  45. Joey Salupen

    Joey Salupen

    13 days ago

    max k you are out of your mind you are a Steph hater.

  46. Waldemar Market

    Waldemar Market

    13 days ago

    Can someone explain how people take kd over curry....nerver ever in my life curry peak is the best offensive player of all time idc what anybody says



    13 days ago

    Steph had Klay, and KD and still got doubled....without the ball. Just saying.

  48. Derek Smith

    Derek Smith

    13 days ago

    On April 23, Curry and Jokic entered the then tight game at the exact same time in a head to head match-up. Curry and the Warrior proceeded to blow the game wide open in a 4 minute span in which Curry thrived and Jokic basically had ZERO impact. Just say'n !

  49. Manos


    13 days ago

    Harden is the best offensive player because he combines amazing playmaking with his unstoppable scoring. He can get 50 any given night change my mind

  50. Godz29


    13 days ago

    Oh max 🤦🏻



    14 days ago

    Funny how 2 of the arguable offensive juggernauts are on the same team 😂😂

  52. Tamer Kiykioglu

    Tamer Kiykioglu

    14 days ago

    Answer to the questions is YES. Also makes his players around him better, constant motion which helps the offense and an IQ & work ethic off the charts

  53. Anthony Gomez

    Anthony Gomez

    14 days ago

    Dame and Harden show up when it matters most over Steph? They have both flamed out in more playoff series than Steph has despite playing way less of them. Apparently hitting a game winner and getting swept/losing later is better than not hitting a game winner and sweeping/beating the other teams. I would respect these takes more, despite me disagreeing with them, if the logic was at least consistent.

  54. ahwoofe


    14 days ago

    The debate should be whether or not he’s the best offensive player ever

  55. Marquis Blakemore

    Marquis Blakemore

    14 days ago

    Durant and Steph is the best scorers in the game to me. BEST SCORERS !



    14 days ago

    Molly is nodding her head as if she understands anything

  57. Cashfirm City

    Cashfirm City

    14 days ago

    Until KD retires, Steph can’t be the best offensive player in the NBA 🤷🏾‍♂️

  58. Renato A

    Renato A

    14 days ago

    Love and respect to Steph and Russell, I wish I could say the same for snake KD

  59. JumaTheExplorer


    14 days ago

    So does max think jokic > hakeem?

  60. Gagan Dhaliwal

    Gagan Dhaliwal

    14 days ago

    Wizards are trash. Knicks are doing more with one all star. Westbrick makes every team he's on...terrible. Beal needs to get out. His time is getting wasted there.

  61. Jojo Banks

    Jojo Banks

    14 days ago

    Molly should just stay quit tbh 😂

  62. Antonio S

    Antonio S

    14 days ago

    Hold up. He is not and he will not be the best offensive player. First of all, you have to factor in the era. It is literally the softest era in which no one can even breathe on you with out being a foul. Second they are not even in the top 8 in the west. Dude is too full of himself. Thats it.

  63. Cathleen O'Connor

    Cathleen O'Connor

    14 days ago

    LeChina James needs to go!!!! Racist CCP propaganda machine!!!

  64. 2quick4 u

    2quick4 u

    14 days ago

    Max is done... KD a better offensive player than Curry is just a joke...

  65. Hampus Karrlander

    Hampus Karrlander

    14 days ago

    Does Max Kellerman hate Steph or something? Or is he just paid to disagree with Stephen A?

  66. Knick Nack

    Knick Nack

    14 days ago

    I’m a Knicks fan, and I know it’s KD!

  67. Caleb Moore

    Caleb Moore

    14 days ago

    Molly need to stfu

  68. Virlos


    14 days ago

    We all know who’s the best offensive players is when healthy😂😂

  69. Harnoor Singh

    Harnoor Singh

    14 days ago

    Rave about Curry while they show him shitting the bed against the Wizards

  70. Steven X

    Steven X

    14 days ago

    Greatest offensive player of all time is Shaq.

  71. Lee Martin

    Lee Martin

    14 days ago

    Wow masayahins i stephen a ngayun ahh kasi knicks niya top 4 sa east hahaha

  72. Ronald Murphy

    Ronald Murphy

    14 days ago

    Steph Curry is the best offensive player to ever play basketball on this planet circa 2021.

  73. Kerry Yang

    Kerry Yang

    14 days ago

    I also say harden a little over curry and I think max is right and jorkic is good also he is little over curry

  74. Dolphin Goosby

    Dolphin Goosby

    14 days ago

    So once again, I guess I'm the only human being that saw Kareem Abdul Jabbar play basketball. UNBELIEVABLE how Kareem never gets the credit he deserves!

  75. Clinton Kami-Sama

    Clinton Kami-Sama

    14 days ago

    We still wait for the day Max Kellerman decides not to hate on Curry

  76. Rudolph Schenker

    Rudolph Schenker

    14 days ago

    I get KD, but Harden? Come on Max, what are you selling?

  77. J BANDZ


    14 days ago

    He lost me when he said harden can lead da offense better Dan curry

  78. Trevor Mckenzie

    Trevor Mckenzie

    14 days ago

    If you're talking about right now in this moment, yes, KD is injured and Steph is balling, playing the best in his career... I've seen Steph get locked up in the playoffs and look nothing like himself. KD has been simply unstoppable since he left OKC. Man can score on anyone from anywhere and shoots the highest percentage on contested shots. 1.09 points per possession on mid range shots on 50% shooting and 95% of those shots are contested... There's no better scorer in the NBA when he's healthy and his numbers or percentages don't taper off when the playoffs come around.

  79. Kingpen Games

    Kingpen Games

    14 days ago

    Yea, still wondering how Steph eliminated the guy they say is better than him 🤣🤣 Weird

  80. Derrel Ramsey

    Derrel Ramsey

    14 days ago

    No either of them are not, Steph is the truth... none of them can do what Steph can

  81. Vincent Villaran

    Vincent Villaran

    14 days ago

    when you play 2k they label steph as an offensive threat while kd as a two way player

  82. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious

    14 days ago

    Listen ESPN, max can NEVER talk about basketball again for the fact max would take Andre iguodala over curry to take the last shot.

  83. NPA


    14 days ago

    Steph has been the best and most valuable player in the league for a minute. Doesn't get the credit though.

  84. Craig Cokley

    Craig Cokley

    14 days ago

    Durant is the taller player with skills and step allowed Durant to have the keys. Doesn't prove he was better offensive infact playing with Curry is what unlocked Kd's efficiency. He played better and was more clutch with Steph on the floor

  85. C J

    C J

    14 days ago

    Talk about lebrons tweet.

  86. Elated Elitist

    Elated Elitist

    14 days ago

    2:25 At this point max is just trolling, Curry let Durantula take the hotseat. If steph wanted to he could've put up the numbers he's doing now. Your argument makes no sense.

  87. Tam Tam

    Tam Tam

    14 days ago

    Health being good for all involved which squad would you take .... Lebron , jokic , curry , zion , kyrie Durant , harden , embiid , kawhi , dame Booker , klay , giannis , luka , Tatum

  88. Fernando Cardenas

    Fernando Cardenas

    14 days ago

    Imagine waking up to molly everyday.

  89. DanInspiration


    14 days ago

    Kobe is the best offensive player, Curry is the best shooter



    14 days ago

    Nop, Michael jordan is

  91. CR R

    CR R

    14 days ago

    Fact: Curry was Warriors leading scorer WITH Durant..all 3 seasons. Harden? Ball jack volume scorer..Max and Skippy Clueless flat out lie when it comes to Curry..I'd mop the floor debating this with them..

  92. Justin Humphrey

    Justin Humphrey

    14 days ago

    Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ......

  93. Crisanto Poncio

    Crisanto Poncio

    14 days ago

    Steph only has 3% spacing, but still can put ridiculous numbers almost every game that none in this league can...... player's PER relative to spacing in today's era but Steph with just a little amount of space can score against elite defenses anywhere on the floor

  94. Norbert Mabasa

    Norbert Mabasa

    14 days ago

    Lillard over step is stupid.

  95. Manveer Ball

    Manveer Ball

    14 days ago

    Stephen a smith killed it too. Kd is the best player on the planet but needs to get more aggressive WHEN fully healthy and into playing flow.

  96. Manveer Ball

    Manveer Ball

    14 days ago

    Max killed it

  97. Headzzzszzz


    14 days ago


  98. SARAH James

    SARAH James

    14 days ago

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    • SARAH James

      SARAH James

      14 days ago


  99. SARAH James

    SARAH James

    14 days ago

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    • SARAH James

      SARAH James

      14 days ago


  100. John Lee

    John Lee

    14 days ago

    When have you heard kd with a bad night I’ll wait