Joel Embiid or Anthony Davis: Who is the best big man in the NBA? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on who is the best big man in the league between Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid and Los Angeles Lakers' Anthony Davis.
0:00 Max says Joel Embiid is the best player in the league this season.
2:17 Stephen A. says he won't pick Embiid over Davis based on resume alone.
4:00 Max notes how Embiid is in the best shape of his career and looks to what's ahead for Embiid's career.
#FirstTake #NBA

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  1. ESPN


    2 months ago

    0:00​ Max says Joel Embiid is the best player in the league this season. 2:17​ Stephen A. says he won't pick Embiid over Davis based on resume alone. 4:00​ Max notes how Embiid is in the best shape of his career and looks to what's ahead for Embiid's career.

    • Joshua James

      Joshua James

      2 months ago

      Max has a new best player in basketball every season

    • willie williams

      willie williams

      2 months ago

      AD is more Skilled than Embiid....AD has been great over a period of time...He was stucked in New Orleans and playing in the West..

    • Jesus Walks

      Jesus Walks

      2 months ago

      Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. In Your Name. Amen. ujbjb

    • Mad Max_88

      Mad Max_88

      2 months ago

      Joker die? Sorry no 👎 thats bs

    • Kirk Mcdirt

      Kirk Mcdirt

      2 months ago

      @Terrance Hamilton exactly. Sports and politics been together for a long time

  2. dex dexter

    dex dexter

    16 days ago

    neither. its Jokic by far

    • Kay Sheye

      Kay Sheye

      7 days ago

      @dex dexter we do, he plays some but he’s not the 2 way player like Embiid. Jokic does play assist and rebound better though

    • dex dexter

      dex dexter

      7 days ago

      pls watch some games and than judge

    • Kay Sheye

      Kay Sheye

      8 days ago

      Jokic doesn't even play defense

  3. Ickballgaming


    20 days ago

    There isn’t even a question it’s obviously Embiid.

  4. Matthew Oaks

    Matthew Oaks

    21 day ago


  5. Andy Essex

    Andy Essex

    21 day ago

    Talking versatile Big Man I'll always take Olajuwon over Embiid

  6. Steve Stevens

    Steve Stevens

    22 days ago

    This is the same guy, who on this show said, that when AD got traded to the Lakers, he was the best big man. OUTSIDE of a healthy Joel Embiid.

  7. Kevin Steele

    Kevin Steele

    22 days ago

    Joel makes AD look like a child 🤣

  8. Dane Slayer

    Dane Slayer

    23 days ago

    Both players are great, however, both have a history of constantly being out with injury. I think “availability” is one of the most important qualities of a great player.

  9. DopeFilmProductions


    25 days ago

    Jokic is the goat, sorry

  10. Gameboy 1996

    Gameboy 1996

    28 days ago

    Embiid easily

  11. Jet Garcia

    Jet Garcia

    Month ago

    GA still the Best! 🤷‍♂️

  12. Chris Patrick

    Chris Patrick

    Month ago

    Anthony Davis is a power forward no comparison

  13. Hlonela Tanda

    Hlonela Tanda

    Month ago

    "He's in shape this year" well...

  14. Aesir


    Month ago

    AD couldnt carry Pelicans as well so compare him to Embiid pre Lebron era bruh

  15. Schooniverse


    Month ago

    im a pelicans fan that was actually happy to see ad get a title. he deserved it with how great and talented he is. that being said, embiid dominated ad whenever they DID matchup together in games.

  16. Mike Raad

    Mike Raad

    Month ago

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  17. kwaku oppong

    kwaku oppong

    Month ago

    Embiid is "currently" better but I'll take AD. I agree with Stephen A on that part.

  18. rockyscarlet


    Month ago

    Who is more clutch?

  19. Edward Iyare

    Edward Iyare

    Month ago

    I’d trade AD for Embiid

  20. Debesay Yihdego

    Debesay Yihdego

    Month ago


  21. James Trotman

    James Trotman

    Month ago

    I’m taking Davis he literally can do it all and has a chip and was a key reason why and he close games as well

  22. kajock kijekmplei

    kajock kijekmplei

    Month ago

    is giannis not a big man

  23. Edo Paul

    Edo Paul

    Month ago

    Joker and Giannis?

  24. Ace Cheso

    Ace Cheso

    Month ago

    AD is overrated

  25. Jesusistheonlywaytoheaven Jesusistheonlywaytoheaven

    Jesusistheonlywaytoheaven Jesusistheonlywaytoheaven

    Month ago

    Am only here because my coworker found out am Cameroonian and told my about joel Embied. Before then i had no idea who was.... Proud of you homie....

  26. Jaime Villalaz

    Jaime Villalaz

    Month ago


  27. 356huyesb akipogub

    356huyesb akipogub

    Month ago

    In This year Embiid may be best big man in the league. But AD was best defender last year, and he made a contribution to LAL to get a championship. Also, This year’s 50pts is first time 50pts in embiid career. AD has already experienced that 4 times.

  28. sam amm88

    sam amm88

    Month ago

    Embiid is absolutely way! Better then Anthony Davis, point blank! Without question. 🤣😅🤘

  29. L.J. Russell

    L.J. Russell

    Month ago

    wilt chamberlain is the perfect center.

  30. Robin Mohabir

    Robin Mohabir

    Month ago

    I think AD is better an embiid

  31. larry arthue

    larry arthue

    Month ago

    The sad doubt comprehensively seal because israel unknowingly support alongside a gabby tip. woozy, bad boy

  32. japheth To-ong

    japheth To-ong

    Month ago

    Embiid is in history Max the zero points and the crying part.

  33. japheth To-ong

    japheth To-ong

    Month ago

    As I remember he’s the only TRUE big man that score Zero!!!!!

  34. Ron Silvia

    Ron Silvia

    Month ago

    Joel embiid by far.

  35. R De Silva

    R De Silva

    Month ago

    The answer is whoever that can play without being injured

    • Kay Sheye

      Kay Sheye

      Month ago


  36. Thehobbes7


    Month ago

    What a stupid question. Embiid owns space in ADs head. He smokes him every time they play. Embiid is the best big man since Olajuwon, and it’s not close.

  37. Ticoloco 29

    Ticoloco 29

    Month ago


  38. Hon Solo

    Hon Solo

    Month ago

    Heated DeMarcus Cousins never got this respect in SAC

  39. Tenno Operator

    Tenno Operator

    Month ago

    Jokic is literally the best Center since Hakeem and easily the best big man since shaq.

  40. mecedobrici


    Month ago


  41. Elliott Pierce

    Elliott Pierce

    Month ago

    Embid's major problem was durability. Now he's healthy, and in my mind, should be in the lead for League MVP. U could make the argument AD shouldn't have been an all star this year. Embid is better right now. I know AD's hurt, but even when he ain't hurt, he ain't performing at the level Embid is.

  42. jake m

    jake m

    Month ago

    why is AD is the convo, should be jokic and embiid, but embiid is still the best

  43. T K

    T K

    Month ago

    Screamin A smith is trash

  44. Trenton Orange

    Trenton Orange

    Month ago

    It AD but if we mean center Joker

  45. Ahsek Shahid

    Ahsek Shahid

    Month ago

    Joel Embiid a dog but i got AD all day

  46. Hello Hi

    Hello Hi

    Month ago

    Embiid would win a ring with LBJ any player as good/better than AD would

  47. Krishna Rushik Nunna

    Krishna Rushik Nunna

    Month ago

    Bro okay embiid and davis are good but how the f do u forget giannis Antetokounmpo

  48. Job Acevedo

    Job Acevedo

    Month ago


  49. crisikingful


    Month ago

    Demarcus cousins?

  50. Rene Steegers

    Rene Steegers

    Month ago

    Nikola Jokic anyone?

  51. 羽白包子


    2 months ago

    Jokic: excuse me?

  52. Kirk Tyler Cooper Jr

    Kirk Tyler Cooper Jr

    2 months ago

    No, it's not arguable, Max--- Ben Simmons is the best Defender in the NBA. Joel is second--- a far second.

  53. Andrew Zeitler

    Andrew Zeitler

    2 months ago

    The enormous cabinet taxonomically blind because antarctica genetically point opposite a complete smoke. superficial, brash cross

  54. Anteongo Estill

    Anteongo Estill

    2 months ago

    Max a prisoner of the moment all the time

  55. Delano P

    Delano P

    2 months ago

    Where did AD take his team in the post season before the Lakers?

  56. bm10


    2 months ago

    Is jokic dead?

  57. Jason Guinto

    Jason Guinto

    2 months ago

    I'll take embiid!

  58. Ronshon Brunson-williams

    Ronshon Brunson-williams

    2 months ago

    Naw Steven your wrong

  59. Cj Bangin1

    Cj Bangin1

    2 months ago


  60. Emotionless Emotions

    Emotionless Emotions

    2 months ago

    Joker all the way

  61. Charles Miller II

    Charles Miller II

    2 months ago

    For me it’s Embid. He’s an alpha and the team is his. A playoff team also with him as the leader. Davis isn’t a leader and not an alpha like he proved in New Orleans. He’s a Robin and not a Batman.

  62. tom van der sloot

    tom van der sloot

    2 months ago


  63. George Karakas

    George Karakas

    2 months ago

    this season is joel but AD is the best big man the last two season .And when AD returns game over guys

  64. Nemanja Mocevic

    Nemanja Mocevic

    2 months ago

    Hey so called "experts" leaving out JOKIC? That's just embarrassing!

  65. Andrew Rodriguez

    Andrew Rodriguez

    2 months ago

    Anthony Davis is tall, but not a big man

    • Kay Sheye

      Kay Sheye

      Month ago

      is this because he plays as a stretch 4? Cos i thought the same thing

  66. Reid B

    Reid B

    2 months ago

    Who’s Anthony Davis

  67. CHB Legendary

    CHB Legendary

    2 months ago

    I knew Joe had it in him to ball like this, I just was waiting. Joe different this year it’s like an evolution to the next level. All he has to do is be better than the other teams beat player in the playoffs and we can beat anybody.

  68. Jimmy Logan

    Jimmy Logan

    2 months ago

    The blue aftermath formerly crash because increase multivariately enjoy worth a meek softball. bumpy, unsuitable zinc

  69. Utkarsh Kaniyar

    Utkarsh Kaniyar

    2 months ago

    The question shouldn’t be embiid or AD, it should be embiid or jokic. They are the two best big men easily.

  70. Bobby Joe Jr.

    Bobby Joe Jr.

    2 months ago

    Lol jokic is white so they don't mention him. Just using the same logic these shitheads use on a daily basis.

  71. D.M. Jones

    D.M. Jones

    2 months ago

    What am I, The Joker to you?

  72. Jay Wade

    Jay Wade

    2 months ago

    Embid a dog ad to soft for me idk

  73. Miles Cortez

    Miles Cortez

    2 months ago

    true but bulletin board material for AD! watch out when he gets healthy.

  74. chabranigoudou abemousepapam

    chabranigoudou abemousepapam

    2 months ago

    But we always embiid was gonna mature into a monster it always nice to see a talented player reach new heights

  75. chabranigoudou abemousepapam

    chabranigoudou abemousepapam

    2 months ago

    It's the 2 times reigning mvp and reigning defensive player of the year until proven otherwise

  76. Marcello 2005

    Marcello 2005

    2 months ago

    1. Embiid 2. Jokic 3. AD

  77. Jenkel Francisco

    Jenkel Francisco

    2 months ago

    Embiid duh?

  78. Eliah Fenner

    Eliah Fenner

    2 months ago

    Jokic is the best

  79. Mason Schwartz

    Mason Schwartz

    2 months ago

    Its embiid but jokic is in the conversation not AD

  80. Mark McDaniel

    Mark McDaniel

    2 months ago

    How is AD even in this conversation? It should be Embiid vs Joker.

  81. Kenneth Polvent

    Kenneth Polvent

    2 months ago

    For the season? Well, that's pretty obvious. Overall, Anthony Davis is leaps and bounds more talented and it's not even close. Can't stand the Lakers but Davis is a monster!!

  82. Super Krabs

    Super Krabs

    2 months ago

    a steal and a half is not a steal

  83. Mo's House

    Mo's House

    2 months ago

    This may be the worst argument all the sports media is having. Look at game where Embiid has played Anthony Davis. He truly embarrasses him every time they play

  84. Earnest Bass

    Earnest Bass

    2 months ago

    Anthony Davis only has a “resume” because of Lebron lol

  85. Big Drip

    Big Drip

    2 months ago

    Do you know who averages the most points per 36 minutes FOR THEIR CAREER

  86. The Great Deceiver

    The Great Deceiver

    2 months ago

    Easily Jokic is the best of the two.

  87. Harambe Da Gorilla

    Harambe Da Gorilla

    2 months ago

    AD is a BALLER, but this recency bias is unreal. Ad didnt do anything the the pels. Ad is very prone to injury. As is embiid. But embiid is better becuz of health he is more consistent. Jokic and embiid are the best centers. But giannis is the best all around. He is the best big. Cuz jokic can pass. But isnt really a consistent defender. But giannis is the best defender in the league and he facilitates

  88. BD


    2 months ago

    If I’m building a team I’d take AD

  89. Jaykub


    2 months ago

    Towns is better than both of them

  90. Champ ShannontheCannon

    Champ ShannontheCannon

    2 months ago

    The disrespect to Jokic is unbelievable the man is breaking records. He’s better and more consistent than both of them. If Jokic was black he’s already be the goat

  91. Thrill


    2 months ago

    I’ll put it this way if Embiid played along side Lebron he would be recognized as the best big man and top 5 in the league no doubt about it

  92. Joshua Pearson

    Joshua Pearson

    2 months ago

    Embiid got more dog in him than AD ide take joker though

  93. Tee Why

    Tee Why

    2 months ago

    Um Jokic🤨

  94. Pater hu

    Pater hu

    2 months ago

    Embiid is the best, but you put Davis over Jokic ???

  95. TrinityX


    2 months ago

    Stephen A with that straight face always shooting down Max’s ridiculous takes

  96. truth truth

    truth truth

    2 months ago

    Joker destroys both of them stop sleeping Lespnbron

  97. Mikey Anderson

    Mikey Anderson

    2 months ago

    Joel playing good without the pressure of the crowds LOL think about it he and the 76ers always played good at home hence why they always make the playoffs

  98. DINO92AVFC


    2 months ago

    The disrespect to Jokic is strong with this one.

  99. Zhen Jiang

    Zhen Jiang

    2 months ago

    The numberless rice conclusively book because wash selectively apologise absent a weak station. flowery, obscene coal

  100. Augusto Vaz

    Augusto Vaz

    2 months ago

    The problem with AD is that he is not aggressive.