Jorge Masvidal interview on Jake Paul's knockout and his UFC 261 fight vs. Kamaru Usman | First Take

Jorge Masvidal interview on Jake Paul's knockout and his UFC 261 fight vs. Kamaru Usman | First Take
Jorge Masvidal joins First Take to preview his UFC 261 welterweight title bout against Kamaru Usman and react to Jake Paul knocking out Ben Askren.
0:00 Jorge Masvidal talks about his strategy against Kamaru Usman.
2:48 Stephen A. asks Masvidal about the importance of the fight for his career.
5:14 Masvidal reacts to Ben Askren getting knocked out by Jake Paul.
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  1. ESPN


    16 days ago

    0:00​ Jorge Masvidal talks about his strategy against Kamaru Usman. 2:48​ Stephen A. asks Masvidal about the importance of the fight for his career. 5:14​ Masvidal reacts to Ben Askren getting knocked out by Jake Paul.



      13 days ago

      @i Khan not even close ....

    • Bill Cosby

      Bill Cosby

      13 days ago

      Tank u

    • EmptyWalletMultimedia


      15 days ago

      Stephen A is a racist and a fool

    • Telvin Kipapa

      Telvin Kipapa

      15 days ago

      I only watched 5:13 of the video

    • i Khan

      i Khan

      16 days ago


  2. Ironwind1972


    9 days ago

    Why do people put so much Clout in Masvidal? He has a ton of losses, no major wins with fighters in their prime and talks smack like he's been a world champion.

  3. strawdog *80*

    strawdog *80*

    10 days ago

    I am surprised that slobbering fool max didnt break out a Tom Brady rant. What a cooz he is.

  4. strawdog *80*

    strawdog *80*

    10 days ago

    Masvidal is and was all hype.

  5. LifeStarrTV


    10 days ago

    Didnt age well

  6. J G

    J G

    11 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 this didnt age well for masvidal

  7. julian castro

    julian castro

    11 days ago

    He definitely called it ! Violent ending Forsure, unfortunately for him

  8. Joeybabbs .BABBS

    Joeybabbs .BABBS

    11 days ago

    this didnt age well.. masshytdal is washed up.. wont stand a chance of beating connor or usman.. everrrrr. luck shot on askren. Ben would beat him 10 of 11 times.

  9. furna37


    11 days ago

    It's all hype

  10. furna37


    11 days ago

    I guess masvidal isn't the baddest man on the planet that belt means nothing

  11. Andrew Moulton

    Andrew Moulton

    11 days ago

    Hot take. Mazvidal is the most overrated fighter in the game right now lol he's been decent but somehow stays mainstream

  12. Eliseo Rodriguez

    Eliseo Rodriguez

    12 days ago


  13. Dillon Krueger

    Dillon Krueger

    12 days ago

    Just shows how unpredictable fighting is . Masvidal had his hands down so confident and his stand up and focused on not getting taken down .

  14. Darrick Hibbler

    Darrick Hibbler

    12 days ago

    Cringe. SAS should not be interviewing combat sports.

  15. Imperial Kingdom

    Imperial Kingdom

    12 days ago

    Ufc has not thought of this but lowkey Masvidal v Ben Askren is a great great marketable fight ,even though both have lost and Gamebred also took him out in a few secs the storyline is there and both have fought at the top so it would b big money to see if Askren can adjust or feels it wont b the same..

  16. Pete Poteet

    Pete Poteet

    12 days ago

    He filmed this with a iPod touch

  17. Joseph Butler

    Joseph Butler

    12 days ago

    First Take is for seeing how dumb these shows are. They’re prediction rate is terrible

  18. Leroy Jackson

    Leroy Jackson

    12 days ago

    You broke his nose? lol..... Marty fake Usman tucked you in and put you to sleep... lol

  19. Viking Chuck Norris

    Viking Chuck Norris

    12 days ago

    Masvidal driving while doing an interview on video.

  20. Sammy Morales

    Sammy Morales

    12 days ago


  21. Terry In Da Chat

    Terry In Da Chat

    12 days ago

    The strategy Jorge talked about Kamaru offense was competely the opposite.

  22. Kola Alade

    Kola Alade

    12 days ago

    Well, he just knocked a BOY out.🤣🤣

  23. Luisone Two

    Luisone Two

    12 days ago

    He dident break his nose he keeps trying take credit when the man came in with a broken nose I see why people don’t like him he talks out the side his neck and got slept

  24. Darkwebgaming OW

    Darkwebgaming OW

    12 days ago

    This didn’t age well

  25. Neely Fuller Jr

    Neely Fuller Jr

    12 days ago


  26. Peter James

    Peter James

    12 days ago

    Why is Steven smith still in mma

  27. R E

    R E

    12 days ago

    Jorge got baptized lol

  28. Syaz Madzaini

    Syaz Madzaini

    13 days ago

    Who got baptized now Jorge fans? 😂 😂 😂

  29. GloryBoy


    13 days ago

    muslim fighters are just built different

    • Neely Fuller Jr

      Neely Fuller Jr

      12 days ago


    • GloryBoy


      13 days ago

      @talking gorilla I agree with that

    • talking gorilla

      talking gorilla

      13 days ago

      Most God fearing fighters are the best. Like Romero. Watch mindsmashs video "Romero eat headkick with fused neck"

  30. K Be

    K Be

    13 days ago

    Lmao. Hindsight is 20/20,huh? 😅🤣.Where does a guy with 20 losses go now?Bellator¿ trilla¿

  31. Clint Hodges

    Clint Hodges

    13 days ago

    Max was the first host of around the horn Max deserved first take

  32. William Girard

    William Girard

    13 days ago

    Yeah, this didn't age well at all.

  33. Yexxlo Sumi

    Yexxlo Sumi

    13 days ago

    This street jesus is going to be the troll of MMA, I love how Usman knocked his soul out of him to join Ben Askren in shadow realm.

  34. Arsh Sekhon

    Arsh Sekhon

    13 days ago

    who’s here after masvidal got reverse baptism

  35. Kurt Zouma

    Kurt Zouma

    13 days ago

    Just shows how fake he is

  36. Mir -

    Mir -

    13 days ago

    2 days after: *lol* Talks, just talks. Anyways its earning him

  37. Broku Hackson

    Broku Hackson

    13 days ago

    Oh god this interview aged so well just 2 days in😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀

    • Syaz Madzaini

      Syaz Madzaini

      13 days ago


  38. Adam Macias - Tech Reviews

    Adam Macias - Tech Reviews

    13 days ago

    Yawn yawn yawn, last night was gorgeous and "super necessary."

  39. J Whit

    J Whit

    13 days ago

    This didnt age well lolol

  40. J Rock

    J Rock

    13 days ago

    This hasn’t aged well.

  41. Ayere Ebegbare

    Ayere Ebegbare

    13 days ago

    How many of u are here after usman KO this fool🤣😂😂

  42. Tim Johnson

    Tim Johnson

    13 days ago

    Jake paul...lmao

  43. Domingo Loso

    Domingo Loso

    13 days ago

    This didn't age well.

  44. gkatsify


    13 days ago

    And then there was a knockout ! 😂🤣😴

  45. mohamed rebbah

    mohamed rebbah

    13 days ago

    He really saw a violent finish

  46. Resj72 Frusky

    Resj72 Frusky

    13 days ago

    This masvidal ignorance of Usmans power didn't age well🤣🤣🙏🏽

  47. Charlie Vernon Hickey

    Charlie Vernon Hickey

    13 days ago

    'I'm play doctor on his face'...that ended well

  48. ega putera

    ega putera

    13 days ago

    why tf he on first take no a moving car lmfao

  49. dtrelz music

    dtrelz music

    13 days ago

    This didn’t age well

  50. musisi majidu

    musisi majidu

    13 days ago

    Whose here after kamaru knocked him out

    • Jonathan Cawranger

      Jonathan Cawranger

      13 days ago


  51. Simon Riplot

    Simon Riplot

    13 days ago

    nice bro

  52. D Watson

    D Watson

    13 days ago

    I like Jorge but the fight did end violent lol.

    • Syaz Madzaini

      Syaz Madzaini

      13 days ago

      😂 😂 😂

  53. Tracy Kavanagh

    Tracy Kavanagh

    13 days ago

    Here after usman knockout

  54. Mikey Faletti

    Mikey Faletti

    13 days ago

    This didnt age well.....

  55. Devenpunk


    13 days ago

    Just got knocked out 😂

  56. Alan Reyes

    Alan Reyes

    13 days ago

    Who’s here after masvidal got baptized

    • Syaz Madzaini

      Syaz Madzaini

      13 days ago

      @A CHI 😂 😂 😂 brilliant. Gamebred is now Gamedead.

    • A CHI

      A CHI

      13 days ago

      His baptismal name should be Gamedead 😂

  57. Awadh Ali

    Awadh Ali

    13 days ago

    Who is here after Kamaru Usman knocks out masvidal🤣

    • julian castro

      julian castro

      11 days ago

      He called it ! Violent ending Forsure !

    • Joelson Sabado

      Joelson Sabado

      11 days ago


    • Loupgarou


      12 days ago

      Isn't that ironic.

    • YoboyyRetroo


      12 days ago

      Yupp had betted too that he would lol jorge was to cocky



      13 days ago

      Bitter sweet

  58. MBJ920


    13 days ago

    awkward when he calls out Jake for being on Disney channel when First Take and ESPN is also owned by Disney lol

  59. Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos Gutierrez

    13 days ago

    Neither of you know what the F you're talking about. Sorry Disney is making you embarrass yourself on national tv.

  60. 1 2

    1 2

    13 days ago


  61. Big Cat

    Big Cat

    13 days ago

    Karma is a be ach.

  62. Redlox Beats

    Redlox Beats

    13 days ago

    I love Jorge but the way Usman KOed him today gives Ben a good treat to mock him too lol

  63. serofibrinous


    13 days ago

    STFU you just got Ko’ed trader punk bully!

  64. Charlie Lomu

    Charlie Lomu

    13 days ago

    if jake paul fights usman its over with usman gonna tear him up

  65. Lebron crying James LB

    Lebron crying James LB

    13 days ago

    Jorge you got knocked the F--- out got dam

  66. Heydre


    13 days ago

    Imagine getting knock out after wanting Ben askren to get knocked out by jake Paul🤣Karma is a B*tch

  67. Tyler


    13 days ago

    Masvidal can't make any excuses this time. Maybe it's the MMA gods telling Masvidal not to hang with Jake Paul! Hahahahhaha

  68. God Serena

    God Serena

    13 days ago

    This Age Well.

  69. Omar Solano

    Omar Solano

    13 days ago

    Who hear after he got knocked ?

  70. Raziel Uchiha

    Raziel Uchiha

    13 days ago

    Man, I love Masvidal. Good luck tonight champ !

    • Curly Headed.Naruto

      Curly Headed.Naruto

      13 days ago


    • MilkyFilmsGaming


      13 days ago

      L 😹

  71. julianbxpe


    13 days ago

    who’s here after masvidal got knocked TF out

  72. Adam N

    Adam N

    13 days ago

    This didn't age well 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Bdn.JayJay


    13 days ago

    this aged like milk

  74. Wade Gearhart

    Wade Gearhart

    13 days ago

    Jake Paul gonna want that fight now

  75. G.G


    13 days ago

    well this didn't age well

  76. Teena Gainey

    Teena Gainey

    13 days ago

    Masvidal= Retired, Wiedman =Retired lol

  77. Lee Priest

    Lee Priest

    13 days ago

    Masvidal got F up once again. Dude's got a big mouth he should shut it.

  78. Stephanie Bertram

    Stephanie Bertram

    13 days ago

    Jorge Masvidal looks good even when he takes an L. he is a superstar.

  79. jeffrey rediel

    jeffrey rediel

    13 days ago

    this guy is a clown, usman for long mentioned he broke his nose before the match, now he’s claiming he did that, what kind of desperation is this? 😂

  80. Mr.DJCoon Coon

    Mr.DJCoon Coon

    13 days ago

    Jorge talks a big game....we'll see what he has...

  81. Mr. Edwards

    Mr. Edwards

    13 days ago

    Steph A is a bone rida!

  82. Owen Hilliard

    Owen Hilliard

    13 days ago

    I pray that Jake Paul calls out Jorge. 🤣🤣🤣 Masvidal will baptize that boy

  83. Uosef Mohammed

    Uosef Mohammed

    13 days ago

    Damian maia choked jorge masdival out so he never won against an elite grappler except glass chin askren by a lucky knockout

  84. Justin Humphrey

    Justin Humphrey

    13 days ago

    Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ...

  85. Swag Planet

    Swag Planet

    13 days ago

    Jorge: Max Kellerman I’ve been watching you since I was 13 Max: 😊😌☺️😌😊 smiling hard Steven A: 😑 ....... sour af LOL

  86. Sammy B.

    Sammy B.

    13 days ago

    Dana should let him into mma just one time to truly watch him get destroyed..

  87. Bobby Winters

    Bobby Winters

    13 days ago

    George will hurt bro. Don't do it @jakepaul

  88. Ajdin Basic

    Ajdin Basic

    13 days ago

    Always loved Masvidal cause he's a straight up gangster

  89. Todd s

    Todd s

    13 days ago

    If jorge beats usman jake calls him out guaranteed



    14 days ago


  91. Gilberto Debord

    Gilberto Debord

    14 days ago

    No offense but Max should start a martial arts and boxing podcast using ESPN

  92. Christ Twitch

    Christ Twitch

    14 days ago

    How can a guy that resorts to pushing against the cage and feet stomps even be fkn respected as a competent fighter it's beyond me. He's just an exploiter

  93. Ari K

    Ari K

    14 days ago

    Usman striking is robotic, but this is MMA not boxing, you don't have to be a master in every discipline.

  94. Matt D

    Matt D

    14 days ago

    Stephen As hairline is the star of the show

  95. Habibur IHaveSeenItAll

    Habibur IHaveSeenItAll

    14 days ago


  96. Keon


    14 days ago

    What di You mean he couldn’t stop him? He literally won the fight.

  97. Jrmjuve10


    14 days ago

    Why all these athletes always decide to do their interviews in a car?

  98. Stringy-bark creek

    Stringy-bark creek

    14 days ago

    Lets go Georgie Boy. straight to the top

  99. Cheerio Box

    Cheerio Box

    14 days ago

    masvidal looks like screech, only a special kind of person would tweet about beating up ben askren every day for a year.

  100. friendly black lesbian

    friendly black lesbian

    14 days ago

    Please keep these two clowns from MMA please I beg