Stephen A. reacts to Steph Curry's hot streak: This is the best Curry has ever been! | First Take

Stephen A. reacts to Steph Curry's hot streak: This is the best Curry has ever been! | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Stephen Curry's hot streak.
0:00 Stephen A. explains why Stephen Curry is on a hot streak in Klay Thompson's absence.
2:07 Max says Steph is in the MVP conversation but doesn't think this is the best the Golden State Warriors star has looked.
5:20 Stephen A. breaks down impressive stats about Curry sinking shots against opponents this season.
#FirstTake #NBA
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  1. ESPN


    18 days ago

    0:00​ Stephen A. explains why Stephen Curry is on a hot streak in Klay Thompson's absence. 2:07​ Max says Steph is in the MVP conversation but doesn't think this is the best the Golden State Warriors star has looked. 5:20​ Stephen A. breaks down impressive stats about Curry sinking shots against opponents this season.



      15 days ago


    • L Mo

      L Mo

      16 days ago

      Start putting those beats and highlights on Stephan a commentary please.

    • Adrian Lazaro

      Adrian Lazaro

      16 days ago


    • Adrian Lazaro

      Adrian Lazaro

      16 days ago

      Antutu Verizon

    • Adrian Lazaro

      Adrian Lazaro

      16 days ago


  2. Andrew I. Kim

    Andrew I. Kim

    2 days ago

    We will never. ever. see another shooter like Steph Curry.

  3. SpiritTribe Jay

    SpiritTribe Jay

    7 days ago

    Max just needa stfu

  4. aphotosyntheticworld


    11 days ago

    Gotta love segments like this because they ask a specific enough question to be able to disagree about the question but essentially say the same thing.

  5. Pablo Ramores

    Pablo Ramores

    12 days ago

    STEPH breaking records again WHAT IS THE MEANInG OFTHAT max kellerman.

  6. Pablo Ramores

    Pablo Ramores

    12 days ago

    When you have nothing but only one shooter but still performing to the highest level and carrying your team and showing to the world that it is possible to be in the playoffs. That man is the true meaning of MVP.

  7. Unforgiven


    12 days ago

    I don't care about Lebron. What I care was Steph Curry who change the way NBA plays on court. If ever GSW plays on Playoffs, I will watch it. But if they Eliminated, I will stop watching it now and I dont care who gets the championship.

  8. Oli Silva

    Oli Silva

    13 days ago

    Max is absolutely dumb

  9. Jessie Flores

    Jessie Flores

    13 days ago

    Max come on you're being paid for that? 🙈I agree with Stephen 100%. He's doing it without Klay. Totally a different beast. This is Curry's league. Period.

  10. Joseph Anthony Ferrer

    Joseph Anthony Ferrer

    13 days ago

    tf max is saying? hahaha dude is purely nonsense hahaha

  11. Javier Reta

    Javier Reta

    14 days ago

    Give curry the mvp man smh

  12. STU


    14 days ago

    they really just pay Max to be wrong lol

  13. D Harr

    D Harr

    14 days ago

    There's no pressure on him or the team. Expectations are low for them. Of course he's just going for it

  14. TheRealManOfSteel


    14 days ago

    MVP determined by your teams record is the most asinine thing I've ever heard.

  15. JESS Tv and Music

    JESS Tv and Music

    14 days ago

    Max kingkoyman strikes again..totally trash

  16. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson

    14 days ago

    He has to quit flopping. We aren't playing soccer

  17. Joseph Rafferty

    Joseph Rafferty

    14 days ago

    To be clear: Klay Thompson is the 2nd best shooter ever. Would be the best if Curry didn't exist.

  18. Futbol PassionRM

    Futbol PassionRM

    14 days ago


  19. Adolfo Rios

    Adolfo Rios

    15 days ago

    I was watching steph get tripled. Kerr needs to design more help plays. Steph maybe needs to avoid dribbling into corners.



    15 days ago

    Melo Ball will be better.

  21. universeliminate


    15 days ago

    Greatest scorer of all time

  22. Gordon Allen

    Gordon Allen

    15 days ago

    Steph mvp

  23. Anderson Lee

    Anderson Lee

    15 days ago

    It's obvious Max never played Basketball and he has a Mancrush on Curry

  24. Nicholas Tang Sang Yen

    Nicholas Tang Sang Yen

    15 days ago

    So that's the question. Who's the best player in NBA yet ? SAS : Definitely LeBron. No doubt. Max : I WANT IGOUDALA

  25. Deborah Mclain

    Deborah Mclain

    15 days ago

    So right Stephen A.

  26. Cardo Ligalig

    Cardo Ligalig

    15 days ago

    Espn pls kick that person

  27. Cardo Ligalig

    Cardo Ligalig

    15 days ago

    Nobody cares what u sais

  28. Cardo Ligalig

    Cardo Ligalig

    15 days ago

    I hate u

  29. Astro Kid Lo’

    Astro Kid Lo’

    15 days ago

    If you think of it like this, Steph makes 11/28 threes, so that’s 33 pts and 17 turn overs which at worst is 34 pts for the other team (only counting 2s to keep it simple). So his net is -1 pts. BUT in another case he hits 11/23 that’s 33pts vs 12 turnovers so that’s a worst case of 24pts (only counting 2s) but now his net is +9 points. I would love to see them keep track of every turn over after a 3 and what the opponent converted. That way we can get an idea of a shooters actual point efficiency in game

  30. Spark Tube

    Spark Tube

    15 days ago


  31. Kudus Teklesembet

    Kudus Teklesembet

    15 days ago

    " Hes the greatest shooter that God created" Max be like, " NO THAT IS IGOUDALA".

  32. Ahmad Abdullah

    Ahmad Abdullah

    15 days ago

    Steph Curry #1 Klay Thompson #2 Seth Curry #3 and Curry Sr #4!!!!

  33. Fred Alexander

    Fred Alexander

    15 days ago

    Max Kellerman should just stick to boxing. He's somehow a bigger hater than Skip Bayliss. Smh

  34. Amiram Peled

    Amiram Peled

    15 days ago

    Klay is the clear 2nd best shooter in history.

  35. Kay-Sea


    15 days ago

    Dude... What? Lol he said, he's not in his MVP conversation because the Warriors are an average team this year... ? Dude cmon.... It's the most valuable player award... not the best player on the best team award.

  36. cali flea dog

    cali flea dog

    16 days ago

    Steve Kerr would be a used car salesman without Steph or Klay!

  37. James Winchester

    James Winchester

    16 days ago

    And at his best he can only bring his team to 500 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Josh Berenstein

    Josh Berenstein

    16 days ago

    Stephan A didn’t mention Toronto cuz that box and 1 is too much. Raps in 5 baby

  39. Kunal Dutta

    Kunal Dutta

    16 days ago

    Agreed, this is the best, but he won't win MVP because the team is so bad.

  40. Edward Lam

    Edward Lam

    16 days ago

    we're watching NBA history in da making rn... crazy how steph wrote history in his 2015-2016 unanimous szn n is now doing it again

  41. Forty Deuce

    Forty Deuce

    16 days ago

    Man, Curry just be showing off some nights. Dude can drop 40 without even breaking a sweat.

  42. LoMe


    16 days ago

    The older Steph and LeBron get, the better they become xD

  43. n.1 c

    n.1 c

    16 days ago

    Man, is this guy even human? what in the living heck. This isn't even basketball for this guy anymore

  44. Dre G

    Dre G

    16 days ago


  45. Henry Zhang

    Henry Zhang

    16 days ago

    Curry always plays better without Klay Thompson. No disrespect to KT.

  46. Marche marche

    Marche marche

    16 days ago

    His great ye, but the 🃏 is mvp.

  47. McRonald


    16 days ago

    The whole league is trying to figure out this Steph Curry puzzle. Trying all kinds of defenses, tactics and combinations. However it is he that is the one figuring out what they are doing and no one can hold him back! He is like watching the Matrix.

  48. Stack Bundles

    Stack Bundles

    16 days ago

    Klay vs KD 3pt shooting?

  49. Richard RSR

    Richard RSR

    16 days ago

    If steph went to the lakers and played like that they would easily 3 peat

  50. Michael Collins

    Michael Collins

    16 days ago

    if you traded any MVP candidate for Steph Curry would the Warriors have more wins or less???

  51. Sheila Hollingsworth

    Sheila Hollingsworth

    16 days ago

    That car he has that is supposed to be more than a person s life! That car can be made by a nask car driver! And, a skilled draftsman! five thousand to make it! Same model! So, just because you charged him greater, does not mean it's, worth it! Ok? God Gives us Good Sense! You got it, too!

  52. Sheila Hollingsworth

    Sheila Hollingsworth

    16 days ago

    That car he has that is supposed to be more than a person s life! That car can be made by a nask car driver! And, a skilled draftsman! five thousand to make it! Same model! So, just because you charged him greater, does not mean it's, worth it! Ok? God Gives us Good Sense! You got it, too!

  53. 252FinestSwagg


    16 days ago

    They both right🤞🏾💯

  54. Hasan A.

    Hasan A.

    16 days ago

    this may be the best run he's been on... but 2015-2016, he had a better season.

  55. Quinton Velez

    Quinton Velez

    16 days ago

    Stephen A: “Steph Curry is the greatest shooter God has ever created.” Also Stephen A: “Kyrie Irving is the greatest show in basketball”

  56. Lito Garcia

    Lito Garcia

    16 days ago

    Greatest shooter on earth 🌍

  57. james leung

    james leung

    16 days ago

    Another MVP trophy coming.

  58. Derek Stoeckmann

    Derek Stoeckmann

    16 days ago

    Stick to boxing max, your analysis is garbage in everything else

  59. Roman Hill

    Roman Hill

    16 days ago

    He's Alright

  60. trolololmfao


    16 days ago

    My wizards said enough of this

  61. Luke Matthias

    Luke Matthias

    16 days ago

    Max argues about absolutely nothing but I agree with him on this one

  62. Miki Soss

    Miki Soss

    16 days ago

    I dont know who is she, but she probably nver play basketball.

  63. Bruce Michael

    Bruce Michael

    16 days ago

    Name me one time in league history when a player on the 8th seed has won MVP.

    • Bruce Michael

      Bruce Michael

      16 days ago

      @Edgers GHOST dog well, if he’s the mvp then his team should have a better record. His numbers are inflated because he has to score 40 every night just to give them a shot at winning.

    • Edgers GHOST dog

      Edgers GHOST dog

      16 days ago

      Its not his fault the team is trash

  64. Nick Morton

    Nick Morton

    16 days ago

    god had something to do with how great Steph is, it’s a lifetime of blood sweat and tears.

  65. Dulo Gmaz

    Dulo Gmaz

    16 days ago

    Jokic leads the NBA in nearly all advanced stats (Player Efficieny Rating, Value Over Replacement Player, -Offensive Box +/-, Win Shares, Offensive Win Shares...) despite having only the 22nd highest Usage Percentage in the NBA. Let that sink in. As much as I love Curry, what Jokic has been doing this season has been nothing short of incredible. And this hot streak from Curry doesn't change that Jokic is the MVP.

  66. Perfectspare 300

    Perfectspare 300

    16 days ago

    If Klay were healthy and playing, I think Steph would be front runner for MVP despite how well Jokic has played. Warriors would probably be competing for the top seed. But because they’re only at .500 right now, he’s not even in the conversation. Record doesn’t always tell the whole story. Without Steph, the Warriors would have maybe 10-12 wins. He’s the only reason they are anywhere close to a playoff spot

  67. Joe Snow

    Joe Snow

    16 days ago

    He's their only option and cannot be stopped, sounds like the MVP to me.

  68. Tim Cartwright

    Tim Cartwright

    16 days ago


  69. Jerry O

    Jerry O

    16 days ago

    "The greatest shooter that God ever created..." - Stephen A.

  70. tintman831


    16 days ago

    Max said no so it's a yes

  71. Camero Rockett

    Camero Rockett

    16 days ago

    The splash brothers wouldn't of survived the 90s. Once upon a time teams never shot 3 pointers more than 10 a game. Until the Suns of the early 2000s. Im glad the NBA realized 3 pts count more than 2's.

  72. Kerry Yang

    Kerry Yang

    16 days ago

    Steph and Seth they both good at 3 pointers Curry movement and performance every game can be marvel at

  73. sean johnson

    sean johnson

    16 days ago

    Max Kellerman needs to leave the dope alone.

  74. Roy Jones

    Roy Jones

    16 days ago

    It’s mind blowing the level of talent we are blessed with being able to watch every night in the NBA. Steph Curry, the greatest shooter of all time, second best PG(for now) ever, is having a career year and isn’t even in the top five for MVP? Blessed we are.

  75. Sebastian P

    Sebastian P

    16 days ago

    People are really praising Curry as if Harden didn't do the same 2 years ago but better

  76. lebron james

    lebron james

    16 days ago

    How about russell westbrook averaging tripple double 4 times in 5 years.

  77. Chris Castillo

    Chris Castillo

    16 days ago

    Klay will be back and gsw will be back. Watch how this goes 💯

  78. Dallas Wood

    Dallas Wood

    17 days ago

    I don’t know if he is any better now he just isn’t having to share shots with klay kd or anyone else

  79. Joshua Tingle

    Joshua Tingle

    17 days ago

    We talking bout Steph but they aren’t even making 8th seed

  80. Joseph De Guzman

    Joseph De Guzman

    17 days ago

    Everytime Max talks: “jrkwlsptkneowpdkt” My head: “IGOUDALA 🤩🔥🤧”

  81. John Pierce

    John Pierce

    17 days ago

    Max has really grown as an analyst

  82. I might answerback

    I might answerback

    17 days ago

    I'd feel sorry for max on this take how dumb he looks if he didn't make so much money

  83. Ryan Wilson

    Ryan Wilson

    17 days ago

    Steph finally got mad and he's going off now. Good for him . 👏

  84. AD Productions

    AD Productions

    17 days ago

    Westbrook won an mvp as a 8th seed why can't Steph

  85. Shakespeare WAS

    Shakespeare WAS

    17 days ago

    the caption and thumbnail threw me off. i thought it was stephen CURRY reacting to his streak not stephen SMITH

  86. Geonte Ballard

    Geonte Ballard

    17 days ago

    Steph was averaging 33 and 9 with 2 steals in 36 minutes in his mvp season. He's hot bht he's doing more

  87. K l

    K l

    17 days ago

    IDC, and I SWEAR to G If D Rose didnt get hurt, Steph will just be pretty good.

  88. Harrison Craig

    Harrison Craig

    17 days ago

    Without Curry that team is worst record in NBA.

  89. Ernest Cole

    Ernest Cole

    17 days ago

    They play the Wizards tonight and he always toasts them, look for a 50 piece my prediction!!!

  90. ricardo bochicchio

    ricardo bochicchio

    17 days ago

    Klay top 5 shooter ever?? Tell 3 shooters ( non counting curry) better than klay in history? Tell me please, I beg you

  91. Durag Lego

    Durag Lego

    17 days ago

    steph is gonna have to go out there and drop 200 and maybe these guys will consider him top 2

  92. Miguel Pérez

    Miguel Pérez

    17 days ago

    Max talked a lot...didnt say a thing

  93. Apex Predator

    Apex Predator

    17 days ago

    All NBA team except warrior:Cury is the greatest shooter in the planet. We must double or triple team him. Cury: Still breaking nba record.😂

  94. Kevin Kaskade

    Kevin Kaskade

    17 days ago

    Ya'll got Stephen A. preaching 😭

  95. Rizky Riv Alhamid

    Rizky Riv Alhamid

    17 days ago

    The most disrespect

  96. Josef De Jesus

    Josef De Jesus

    17 days ago

    Max: I still want IGUODALA

  97. Zac Woods

    Zac Woods

    17 days ago

    Biggest misconception about Steph Curry is that he’s somehow “small”. The guy is 6 foot 3. Not small by any means AT ALL. Not even in the NBA is 6’3 small. People really have to stop using that as some sort of “crutch”. He might be skinnier than most players but that doesnt make him a “small guy”. Actual small basketball players should not be looking up to this guy as if they can do what he does.

  98. F Jacks

    F Jacks

    17 days ago

    He's the most exciting player in the NBA.

  99. joe palma

    joe palma

    17 days ago


  100. The Watcher

    The Watcher

    17 days ago

    Stephen A sounds like Don King..he just needs a wacked out hairstyle,trench coat and a cigar now!