Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers’ blowout loss to the Jazz | First Take

Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers’ blowout loss to the Jazz | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Los Angeles Lakers' 114-89 loss to the Utah Jazz without Anthony Davis.
0:00 Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers’ loss to the Jazz.
3:00 Stephen A. explains why he isn’t giving the Lakers a pass for the loss to the Jazz.
5:40 Max Kellerman explains why he is giving the Lakers a pass for the loss to the Jazz with Anthony Davis out.
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  1. ESPN


    2 months ago

    0:00​ Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers’ loss to the Jazz. 3:00​ Stephen A. explains why he isn’t giving the Lakers a pass for the loss to the Jazz. 5:40​ Max Kellerman explains why he is giving the Lakers a pass for the loss to the Jazz with Anthony Davis out.

    • Graciela Comisky

      Graciela Comisky

      2 months ago

      dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account by using insta portal. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

    • Laurence Williams

      Laurence Williams

      2 months ago

      Bro good point

    • narciso negron

      narciso negron

      2 months ago


    • Frenklin


      2 months ago

      Your man Lebron is NOTHING HE IS OVERATED GOAT

    • tlovehater


      2 months ago

      LeBrick and the Lakers are getting exposed.

  2. Thomas Nichol

    Thomas Nichol

    2 months ago

    It's a team sport but one player makes a big difference. If the roles were reversed where LJ was injured and AD was fit the Lakers would struggle as well.

  3. Sun'sayid Rahsad

    Sun'sayid Rahsad

    2 months ago

    Refs always sit down with lebron to figure out how they gonna make him a win

  4. Sun'sayid Rahsad

    Sun'sayid Rahsad

    2 months ago

    Historically great🤣😆😂

  5. Danny Howard

    Danny Howard

    2 months ago

    I wish folks quit yelling lebron is MVP their crazy and this proves it! They miss AD

  6. Benjamín Tirado García

    Benjamín Tirado García

    2 months ago

    Where was this when Miami had 8 players on their roster?

  7. Mak mak

    Mak mak

    2 months ago

    Its not lebrons fault...except he completely stopped playing in the 3rd quarter because he saw they were going to lose. not a leader.

  8. The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur Prime Infinite

    The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur Prime Infinite

    2 months ago

    Lakers 2nd & 3rd best players was out...

  9. TimeCop


    2 months ago

    Lebron gets all the credit when his team wins. Gets none of the blame when they lose. Espn is full of Bronsexuals. Lakers a .500 team without AD. Facts. Max said the Heat didn't have a great record during the regular season when Lebron was there 😂Heat 27 game winning streak 🤪

  10. Jesse Guido

    Jesse Guido

    2 months ago

    I thot lebron was the next jordon

  11. Camron Lewis

    Camron Lewis

    2 months ago

    🤣 until play offs comes and every body buts get tight and hands get sweaty ... so hold you horses please and thank you

  12. MrBSHAW333


    2 months ago

    Just say it he can't win without AD

  13. Jakeyy


    2 months ago

    marc gasol is so bad why would the lakers let javale and dwight go

  14. Baker Acted

    Baker Acted

    2 months ago

    Maxi Pad Kellerman bleeds idiocy. Steven A. Is just a fool.

  15. Joshua Mohammed

    Joshua Mohammed

    2 months ago

    Warriors just win 3 games back to back no excuse curry is 1 man against 5 no 🧢

  16. David


    2 months ago

    Schroder back - its on baby!

  17. Dezzilio Devellini

    Dezzilio Devellini

    2 months ago

    One would have thought that those people who host sports shows would have some commonsense. They do NOT! Understandingly, LEBRON must carry MOST of the burden, when the Lakers have suffered such calamities as the injury of Anthony Davis and the ABSENCE of Dennis Schroder. However NO megastar can singularly WIN a game. That they have chosen to badger LBJ with horseshit criticism and abstain from a serious measure of critique for the REST of the Lakers' Team is something I can only describe as "jackass-glorification", with the hope of finding an audience who either hate LBJ or a simply jealous of him. It is no wonder that one's HAIR is is deserting him and the other's EYES are about to fly out from the socket. Lebron James e` il figlio di Dio. Io sono un tifoso fedele di Lebron james...oggi e per sempre!

  18. Alex


    2 months ago

    So... When LeBron turned 36 and AD and Schroeder was still Healthy people said Age doesn't matter for LeBron cuz they were winning.. but now that they're losing y'all are now saying LeBron's old he 36 he can't carry a team no more... So what is it really?

  19. ben81305


    2 months ago

    2020~2021 NBA Final UTAH or LAC VS BKN NETS

  20. Spider Sense

    Spider Sense

    2 months ago

    Max is right, and let me put a little simpler and harsher for you people who are saying everybody has injuries and other teams are dealing with this Shroder and Davis is their second and third leading scorers and the second and third best players, AND the best 2 players on defense what other teams are dealing with this!!?? I know you Lakers haters are ready to pounce on us while we're struggling, but that's just the truth Kcp, caruso, matthews, gasol, tht, morris,and kuzma have not shown that they can be confidently depended on enough to help carry the team while AD and schroder is out, AND thats not an excuse it's a fact

  21. J W

    J W

    2 months ago

    Should’ve kept rondo or cousins smh

  22. Philip Jade Dizon

    Philip Jade Dizon

    2 months ago

    If Jazz and Clippers went to WCF this season will we call them the series of 3-1 deficits?

  23. Randy Kuff

    Randy Kuff

    2 months ago

    Curry is playing great with role players yet he doesn't get a pass, LeBron plays without his No2 and he gets a pass? Come on yall.

  24. sazhawk


    2 months ago

    A pass? For your guys’ “GOAT”? Your guys’ MVP The self proclaimed “king”?! NO! Missing important free-throws at the end of games etc.?! This guys is supposed to be the MVP? He’s not even the MVP on this Lakers squad. He’s the biggest Chokester who doesn’t get recognized as one. Look at his win percentage without AD. Look at his first season with the Lakers. Steph Curry is carrying a WORSE Warriors team better than LeChoke is this Lakers team yet Steph is not even in the MVP convo This is starting to get ridiculous If you’re the GOAT, the best on earth, the KING, you don’t get a pass for a losing streak like this.

  25. Jordan Mabuza

    Jordan Mabuza

    2 months ago

    Max’s point doesn’t make sense if your defending champions there’s no excuses because it’s not a one man game , as much as AD and Bron are the driving force still doesn’t give them an excuse , if anything they (the team) should be stepping up to show it’s not just a 2 man team

  26. Steven Gaunty

    Steven Gaunty

    2 months ago

    LeBron always need help!....And he's suppose to be the goat?....

  27. Kory Palmer

    Kory Palmer

    2 months ago

    Lakers just expect AD and Lebum to do all the work! It’s so comical😂

  28. MrOunce3


    2 months ago

    Montrez Harrell avg 18 ppg in 27 mins off the bench last yr. Markieff Morris avg 11ppg for Detroit in 22 min per game. The Lakers have more than Max wants to pretend.

  29. Donny Lee

    Donny Lee

    2 months ago

    Lebron without AD is a guaranteed L

  30. snake doctor

    snake doctor

    2 months ago

    LeBron is the best player on the Lakers but A. D is their most important player. This losing streak might hurt LeBron chances at the mvp. When A. D was injured they lost

  31. Brandon Massey

    Brandon Massey

    2 months ago

    Giving up Dwight Howard was the dumbest move they could have made. Way more valuable than Harrell.

  32. John L

    John L

    2 months ago

    I saw a team not really wanting to play for Lebron....

  33. AG CD

    AG CD

    2 months ago

    Bubble champs

  34. Blunt Ops

    Blunt Ops

    2 months ago

    6:06 "Rethent years"

  35. KingCarterSlums


    2 months ago

    Stephen A Smith is out of his mind. He literally just contradicted himself. If anything they get an excuse defensively especially if they’re missing the reigning “DPOY”. This show is a joke.

  36. Blacx Adam

    Blacx Adam

    2 months ago

    They're better than the 07 cavaliers. They just don't play as well together without a key piece. Nobody "carries" any successful team. It's how they mesh together. So do that lebron narrative already. Thanks.

  37. Xavier Xavier

    Xavier Xavier

    2 months ago

    ❗ i like AD... dislike LeBrick tho.... CURRY IS THE GOAT 🐐, HE CHANGED THE NBA FROM DUNKS TO DOWNTOWN 3's 🏀 ...tell me who in our current NBA roster have accomplished that.. no one

  38. Aubrey Beavers

    Aubrey Beavers

    2 months ago

    They Need Drummond 😈

  39. nocturnaltube


    2 months ago

    LeBron runs and forms superteams so it makes it easier to win. Lebron can't carry a team alone. Lebron ain't that great how the media and LeBron fans are making him be.

  40. jalil monroe

    jalil monroe

    2 months ago

    why does lebron get a pass but james harden beat the suns by himself without kyrie or kd ? kyrie beat the jazz without kd or harden ? so i guess the lakers are allowed to just lose every game until AD gets back

  41. Ghost in the Robot

    Ghost in the Robot

    2 months ago

    Fuk your narratives. Just enjoy the hooping, bruh. The world is ending and people are dying.

  42. Demitrius Bragg

    Demitrius Bragg

    2 months ago

    SAS out 2 starters to the best team I. The league but they’re suppose to win lol

  43. scuppo


    2 months ago

    He alwYs needs help.. gtfo.

  44. scuppo


    2 months ago

    I thought lakers were the best? Now they’re playing short? It’s only 1 guy out. Max stop being a groupie

  45. scuppo


    2 months ago

    They don’t get a pass when you have a cry baby calling himself the goat.

  46. Silk Lion

    Silk Lion

    2 months ago

    Puff puff pass...

  47. Dee Snuts

    Dee Snuts

    2 months ago

    I dont care what seed my Lakers finish, as long as everyone is healthy in the playoffs. Nobody will beat the Lakers 4/7 times.

  48. brooklynflyboii23


    2 months ago

    Max said Lebron is in his incubation period like he some type of alien nah he getting old n that’s that can’t hide it anymore

  49. Crank System

    Crank System

    2 months ago

    The Utah Jazz got a chip on they shoulder 😂

  50. Gym Winning

    Gym Winning

    2 months ago

    Harden been playing with role players his whole career and been dragging hymns to playoffs and gets roasted for losing to better teams. Harden greatness will be appreciated more and more as these other players fold

  51. G Lyle

    G Lyle

    2 months ago

    I expected us to lose. But it’s how we lost. It’s the fact that we were down 16 at the half, with Donovan Mitchell only scoring like 3 points at the time.

  52. Doctor Too-Much

    Doctor Too-Much

    2 months ago

    wow thats INCREDIBLE. humans can get exhausted sometimes and lose games? but to generate some money everyone needs to call it somehting else...

  53. Rafael Trowell

    Rafael Trowell

    2 months ago

    Everybody fault but Lefraud

  54. Edward Brink

    Edward Brink

    2 months ago

    Injuries expose the depth of a team

  55. Marc Rohrmoser

    Marc Rohrmoser

    2 months ago

    Alex carusoooo

  56. Miguel morales

    Miguel morales

    2 months ago

    There go the lakers making excuses again

  57. Semaj Allison

    Semaj Allison

    2 months ago

    Max is definitely right on this one Anthony Davis is the best defense player and he’s out!!!

  58. Robiul Miah

    Robiul Miah

    2 months ago

    Lakers need to get rid of 3 or 4 players who are so useless

  59. Wavey


    2 months ago

    Steff is carrying Golden states game in and game out so don’t make excuses for the Lakers. They still have a good team

  60. Chiron 26

    Chiron 26

    2 months ago

    Jazz the best lol

  61. tope tot

    tope tot

    2 months ago


  62. Behdad M

    Behdad M

    2 months ago

    Typical Stephan A smith.We dont forget that he was proposing jumping off the lakers bandwagon 3 games into the bubble last year smh

  63. Bryant Edwards

    Bryant Edwards

    2 months ago

    maaaaan...they lost period no basketball team is going undefeated

  64. marco mcdowell

    marco mcdowell

    2 months ago

    lol those lowlights were Bron missing shots and turning the ball over but Max is blaming the role players

  65. Brawl Nation

    Brawl Nation

    2 months ago

    From Lakers fan we're done, no energy now, no chemistry, when Davis and Schroeder come back, still gon struggle. Nets vs Utah in finals, Nets in 5 for the chip

  66. Leovic Rosal

    Leovic Rosal

    2 months ago

    Haha media going easy on Lebron, coz if Lebron legacy falls there credibility falls, fanboys. Nike probably tryin to buy some mouths to shutup too, they gambled billions of $ for LBJs legacy, and he got exposed these past few games.

  67. Rey Mendoza

    Rey Mendoza

    2 months ago

    as i always said... Leflop is overrated.. he cant win without 5 other superstars

  68. queen671 letitgo

    queen671 letitgo

    2 months ago

    Live by the three Die by the three

  69. Lasha Xoperia

    Lasha Xoperia

    2 months ago

    I don't blame ESPN for speaking about Lebron every day, because they love talking about basketball and Lebron James is the basketball ! What about Lakers, first of all there is no doubt they will go to playoffs, if in the playoffs they are healthy they are going to repeat for sure. Secondly Lakers are planning to add some new players as well and until playoffs we can easily see way different roster than now. Thirdly this goes again again and again -> they speak about regular season, blaming Lebron etc, but when it comes to playoffs that guy winning nearly everything.

  70. Guillaume Clémenceau

    Guillaume Clémenceau

    2 months ago

    Curry didn’t lose 4 games in a row and look at the roster he has with him

  71. RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy

    RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy

    2 months ago

    Looking a whole lot like the 2019 Lakers 🤷🏿‍♂️ But go ahead and give them "a pass" since they apparently don't have the defending 6th Man of the Year and MVP candidate.

  72. damir huselja

    damir huselja

    2 months ago

    It's still a team of LBJ, Kuzma, Gasol and Harrel . . .

  73. Nickolas Nielson

    Nickolas Nielson

    2 months ago

    The profuse regret informally carve because feast willy fear down a flashy cathedral. humorous, threatening shrimp

  74. Morris Burns

    Morris Burns

    2 months ago

    If this was Kawhi they would get a pass

  75. Jemar Ejercito

    Jemar Ejercito

    2 months ago

    It's not an excuse anymore that they lost 4 straight. They have lebron James haha but look what happened about your G.O.A.T LMAO

  76. Jemar Ejercito

    Jemar Ejercito

    2 months ago

    Is that an excuse co'z without AD and schroeder??.haha what about warriors team, they don't have klay, chriss, injured wiseman, and looney. But they win without center. But what happened to Lakers? They have two center and only loss two main players. And can't even win because of the absence of players. . Facts, lebron cannot Carry his team without 3 all star in his rosters.

  77. adopted son

    adopted son

    2 months ago

    I luv 2 c teams come up! Makes top name teams 2 stay focus But I've been say n from the beginning when lakers let go of Mcgee and Howard That defense will b 🔑 2 them win n another chip!

  78. adopted son

    adopted son

    2 months ago

    Lebron's turn over's and free throws though 🙄Stephen a. Said it all well! Lebron should always make sure he has 1 great shooter and 1 great big man who can play good defensive and rebound the ball..thats his win n recipe!

  79. Danijel Hrup

    Danijel Hrup

    2 months ago

    Dear God... When did Schroder became such a big player, that the champion team depended on him - C`mon people

  80. kp61 starlet 4age highhorse

    kp61 starlet 4age highhorse

    2 months ago

    the king! 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 excuses excuses on lebrooms side again its only because he can not carry his team to a ring he needs help and he needs a clutch shooter... excuses excuses. lebroom in la is an insult! ad won last year not lebroom he didnt do squat like howard useless

  81. Antonio Dupree

    Antonio Dupree

    2 months ago

    You know who else isn’t there Dwight Howard an Javale McGee 😂😂

  82. Big L

    Big L

    2 months ago

    I understand that Rudy go bear is a force

  83. TOA 684

    TOA 684

    2 months ago

    Went from the deepest bench and best bench to thin real quick LMAO

  84. Lil Dice

    Lil Dice

    2 months ago

    I gotta see it to believe I gotta see it to believe it I gotta see it to believe it 🤣

  85. Марина Костерина

    Марина Костерина

    2 months ago

    The wicked oil evolutionarily intend because stitch postsynaptically curl atop a yielding ant. supreme, knotty slipper

  86. David petit Eto'o page officielle

    David petit Eto'o page officielle

    2 months ago

    But u lot ain’t giving Steph a pass...gtfoh

  87. BossCamp TV

    BossCamp TV

    2 months ago

    I don't always agree with Stephen A. But what he's saying is 100 percent correct!

  88. Zekeizme


    2 months ago

    AD injury came right in time as the media from jump started creating the narrative for Lefraud for mvp and and were ready to take it up a notch even more though Embiid, Jokic and others are dominating early, but the media keeps talking about him. Now with AD injured Lefraud can't hide behind AD anymore for awhile and it's a wonderful day every day watching Lefraud expose himself for what he really is not and that is an MVP. AD is the mvp of the Lakers and its all clear right where all can see.. Stand by and watch Lefrauds place on the mvp ladder continue to fall bcoz nobody when all are watching can defend him for mvp ..😂

  89. Stanley Johnson

    Stanley Johnson

    2 months ago

    lakers needs a player like me, bron getting too old

  90. slar 2017

    slar 2017

    2 months ago

    Thanks Jazz for exposing LeGM

  91. Matthew Salevao

    Matthew Salevao

    2 months ago

    Lakers offense last season was run by Rajon Rondo and the roll players with the accommodation of Lebron James and Anthony Davis when the roll players were struggling. Also, Lakers had the defensive minded players and veteran ship last season with Javelle McGee, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo and Danny Green but not this season. Theirs no defense anywhere on this team. Lakers have a lot of players that they can hopefully work a trade with two or three teams before going into the playoffs if they plan on winning the championship this season.

  92. Danul


    2 months ago

    Lebron did it to himself 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽 since he wants to run the lebron system that’s what happens. They don’t run an equal opportunity offense so no one knows what to do when he’s not on the court. Anthony Davis was and is the biggest reason LA was/is successful

  93. Nas Max

    Nas Max

    2 months ago

    Make up your mind, are they deep or top heavy? Smh 🤦‍♂️

  94. King Rich Jr

    King Rich Jr

    2 months ago

    Let’s wait on playoff 🔥🔥only W

  95. kopi bin

    kopi bin

    2 months ago

    Guys stop it please ok.... Lebron is not Thanos

  96. Candie Marquina

    Candie Marquina

    2 months ago

    Relax ,lebron is not younger anymore need to be wise on playing and not be so serious in SEASON or else he will be injured and early retirement

  97. Royal k

    Royal k

    2 months ago

    As long as AD is healthy for the playoffs the Lakers will be in the finals nobody should be worried

  98. Andre Yosan

    Andre Yosan

    2 months ago

    I don't care if Jazz wins 82 games in regular season. They will never win a single championship ever. They're a small market team. Nobody wants to play for Jazz especially the superstars. If they don't get a superstar to accompany Mitchell, they will never win a championship

  99. Family Ties Beats

    Family Ties Beats

    2 months ago

    That’s why harden better

  100. Johnny Afro

    Johnny Afro

    2 months ago

    They need JR Smith...